Digital Video Endoscopy/Stroboscopy System

Stroboscopy provides a slow-motion view of the vocal folds as they vibrate. Stroboscopy is a simple procedure to allow detailed observation of the structure and function of the vocal folds. The examiner can observe important physiologic characteristics and gain an understanding of the client's voice quality. Most importantly, stroboscopy assists the clinician in determining the most important course of treatment for the patient. The patient receives immediate visual feedback during and following the procedure. For more details, see Frequently Asked Questions about Videostroboscopy.

Digital CD/DVD Real Time Recordings

The real time video of vocal fold function as recorded by videostroboscopy has been a useful adjunct to the procedure known as indirect laryngoscopy, which is usually performed by the otolaryngologist. Because it is not typical that the ENT physician is present during the stroboscopy, we record in video CD format and provide a copy of the exam to your physician. This recording allows for playback and education of each patient regarding their particular laryngeal anatomy and physiology. A patient copy of the video exam is available upon request. The digital video recording is archived and stored in DVD format as a reference for the future, if needed.

Visi-Pitch II

The Visi-Pitch II is the "gold standard" tool for speech/voice evaluation and treatment applications. This technology provides analysis of voice parameters. Pitch and energy contours are displayed on the screen during voice recording with a microphone. This allows for precise diagnosis during initial evaluation and development of a treatment plan. Use of the Visi-Pitch II also provides auditory and visual feedback during voice therapy.